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Cannabis grow lights you can rely on

Any cannabis grower knows that having reliable LED cannabis grow lights is vital, if you want to achieve a maximum and healthy yield from your plants. This means that you need an LED grow light which is reliable during all stages of plant growth. We guarantee that our lights are up to this task. They have the added advantage of working well in either a water solution culture or a soil culture. We provide cannabis grow lights that can be used for lighting cannabis crops in a variety of environments; in the home, in the garden, in pots, in water solutions and in a greenhouse. It does not matter where you are growing cannabis; you can use our affordable LED grow lights.

Cooling Structure

Hollowed out vents increase air displacement and improve cooling capacity. They also improve portability.

Built-in quiet fans

Built-in quiet fans, with induced draft from all sides, enable quiet growing.

RTPM intelligent control system

Remote,Dimming,Timing and Temperature control.

Advanced power supply

Advanced isolation of power supply and soft start protection technology prevent damage from high voltage when light is switched on.

High quality light

High quality light source that lasts up to 50,000 hours.

Customized Spetrum

Our technology team can customized any spectrum for your plant.

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